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Shirt Styles's Latest Shirt Style

Model # Adam, Polo collar half french front opening. Square bottom with side vents.

Model # Benjamin Extra HKD$50, Collar style A16 with Hand Stitching Bias (45 degrees) on Collar & Cuff, Dual Buttons, Double Barrel big cut away Cuff, French Front with Stitch. Whole shirt's button hole and button sewing in RED thread.

Model # Benni ,V-Shape Front with Vertical French Placket, Normal Back.

Model # Bill, One piece collar, Italian Linen

Model # Bobby Extra Wing collar, Fly front with 2 pleats each side. Black triming on collar & cuff. Black Buttons.

Model # Chris, 2 layers button down collar with dual buttons. Cut away cuff with 2 buttons. Plain front with color button holes.

Model # Clarence, Cow Boy Shirt, V-Yoke with big V-York at the back, Double Pocket with Flag, Single Square with 3 Buttons. All Buttons with Press Stud.

Model # Danny, Collar style 28 with dual buttons. French front with dual diagonal buttons. Cut away with 2 buttons cuff.

Model # Derek, Front panel *V* shape with first set 3 buttons, with contrast buttons.

Model # Dominic, Diagonal Cut, Colored Button Hole and Sewing Thread, Long Button Down Collar (Extra High ) with 3 Buttons, Deep Cut-away Cuff with 3 Buttons.

Model # Edmond, Collar style 30, 2 layers fly front. Large rounded 2 buttons cuff. Invisible collar and cuff and opening with dark fabric.

Model # Francis, Turned back Mandarin collar, collar & cuff in white. Fly front, 5 pieces material covered buttons at the bottom.

Model # Gary, Collar style 4, small collar (2''1/2x1''5/8) French fly front. Square cuff with 1 button. (Collar, cuff, front panel in dark color).

Model # Geoffy, Stripe Shirt with Dark Material Collar & Cuff, Long Point Collar with Triple Buttons.With pocket #4.

Model # Henry (Back), Henry's back has centre opened pleats

Model # Henry (Front), Collar style A4, Centre opened fly front. Square cuff with 1 button.

Model # Ian, Collar style G18 with triple buttons. Half-way button down collar. French front top with triple rest dual buttons. Triangled cuff with irregular triple buttons.

Model # Isaac Extra HKD$100, Sporty Shirt Style, Shirt Collar with Under Button Down (Soft Collar) Plain front, Patch Pocket with Flag, Cut away cuff with 2 Buttons, (Collar, Pocket Flag Cuff, with Longer Hand Stitch with Any Color.)

Model # Karan, Horizon Shirt with Slanted Dual Buttons, Matching Color Button Holes, Deep Cut-away Cuff with Dual Buttons.

Model # Keith, Blue Denim stitched in *red*, Cowboy yoke

Model # Lawrence, Collar sytle 23, Regular Stripes with your creations. Straight Stripe Collar, with V Stripe Body, Crossed Placket, Slanted Sleeves, Cuff and Yoke. Back with Straight Stripe.

Model # Moshe Extra HKD$50, Collar style A16 with dual buttons, Cut away with double barrel buttons. Shirt collar and cuff with color hand stitching button hole and button sewing. You can put any color with your creation.

Model # Pierre, White shirt with black details (collar, interior panel, cuffs)

Model # Ryan, A16 Collar style with triple buttons on band and cuff, Diagonal Cut, Plain Placket with Double Buttons in Navy Blue Horizon Button-Hole & Button-Sewn with Dual Horizon Buttons

Model # Samuel, Wing Collar, Fly Front with Triple Pleats at the right side. French Cuff.

Model # Sunny, Latest Italian Fashion Triple Buttons with Button Down Collar. Band Collar Created with Any Material Pattern(Colored Button Hole & Button Stitch)

Model # Thomas, White shirt with (red/white/navy ribbon)

Model # Winson Extra HKD$50, G-18 Collar with Triple Buttons on Collar & Cut-Away Cuff, Hand Stitch & Button Hole with Rainbow Color

Model# Patrick, Owl button down with triple buttons, Rounded with 2 Buttons Cuff.

Model#Michael, Interior striped at the collar, cuff and panel edge. Contrast buttons.