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Shirt Styles's Collars

Collar #1 (collar point length: 2"7/8 X collar back height:1"1/2) Regular Pointed:The most traditional collar style is the most popular and widely adopted by men of all ages and styles.

Collar #10 (Collar Point Length: 3 X Collar Back Height: 1"3/4) Tap Collar with Metal Buckle is essentially a point collar with a tab that bridges the two sides beneath a tie.

Collar #12 (Collar Point Length: 2"1/2 X Collar Back Height: 1"5/8) Simi Rounded with eyelet holes meant to hold a collar bar. Should be worn with a collar bar and with a tie.

Collar #2 (Collar Point Length: 2"7/8 X Collar Back Height: 1"1/2) Normal Pointed

Collar #24 (3"1/8 X 1"5/8) Soft Collar with Under Buttons with Loop

Collar #27 (3 X 1"3/4) Big Spread

Collar #29 (3"1/4 x 1"7/8) New Italian High Dual Buttons Classic Spread

Collar #33 (2 X 1"5/8) New Rounded Club Collar

Collar #34 (2"1/4 X 1"3/4) New Modern Skinny Collar

Collar #3B (Collar Point Length: 3x Collar Back Height: 1"5/8) Elegant Simi Spread Collar

Collar #5 (Collar Point Length: 2"5/8 X Collar Back Height: 1"5/8) Regular Spread

Collar #6 (3 X 1"5/8) Long Pointed

Collar #7 (Collar Point Length: 3"3/8 X Collar Back Height: 1"5/8) Standard Button Down (Soft Collar) Originally worn in more casual attires, paired with a tie and sports coat

Collar #A-16 (Collar Point Length: (3 X Collar Back Height: 1"7/8) England Spread collar has become a bespoke favorite that we frequently recommend

Collar #A4 (Collar Point Length: 3"1/4x Collar Back Height: 1"7/8) New Classic Spread spread is a variant on our current England Spread with narrower spread width.

Collar #G-18 (Collar Point Length: 3"3/8 X Collar Back Height: 1"7/8) Long Spread Collar with Dual Buttons increased height, the Dual Button for tall neck person helps create balance.

Collar #P-15 (2"7/8 X 1"7/8) England Classic Spread

One Piece Collar Style Shirt Is Most Modern And Comfortable For Smart Causal Occasion. Recommend with **Soft interlining**

Tuxedo Wing Collar