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Shirt Fabric 's Floral Print

870880, HKD510, Mustard With White Small Dots, 100% Cotton.

870882, HKD510, Navy With White Small Dots, 100% Cotton.

870883, HKD510, Sea Blue With White Small Dots, 100% Cotton.

870885, HKD510, Light Blue With White Small Dots, 100% Cotton.

FP002, HKD$410, Grey Floral

FP003, HKD$410, Brown Tone Floral

FP005, HKD$410, White with Black Floral

FP006, HKD$410, Navy with White Dot and Floral

FP008, HKD$410, Orange, Hot Pink and Green Mixed Fancy Floral

FP009, HKD$410, Cream with Pink and Purple Bauhinia Floral

FP011, HKD$410, White with Blue Tone Floral

FP012, HKD$410, White with Red Spade

FP013, HKD$410, Navy with White Spade

FP014, HKD$410, Midnight Blue with White Poker Dots

FP015, HKD$410, Midnight Blue with Poker square Dots (Stretch Cotton)

FP017, HKD$410, Navy with Light Blue Mini Timeless Poker Dots

FP019, HKD$410, Cream wih Blue, Green and Purple Aquarelle Floral

FP020, HKD$410, Bright Pink Paisley

FP021, HKD$410, Black with Red and White dots

FP022, HKD$410, Aqua with Self Floral

FP024, HKD$410, Light Green with Green Tone Bubble Design

FP026, HKD$410, Black with Timeless Poker Dots

FP027, HKD$410, Burgundy/ Forest Green Fancy Paisley

FP028, HKD$410, Burgundy/ Mud Colour Fancy Paisley

FP031, HKD$410, white and black patterns

FP032, HKD$410, white/blue/red patterns

FP033, HKD$410, navy with green/purple floral print

FP034, HKD$410, multi blue floral print

FP035, HKD$410, blue ocean print

FP036, HKD$410, navy/red fancy wave

FP037, HKD$410, navy with white floral pattern (light/soft cotton)

FP038, HKD$410, white with navy floral pattern (light/soft cotton)

FP039, HKD$410, black with white floral pattern (light/soft cotton)

FP040, HKD$410, white with black floral pattern (light/soft cotton)

FP041, HKD$410, Beige with Brown Paisley

FP042, HKD$410, White with Nany & Blue Table Tennis Paddle

FP043, HKD$410, Dark Purple & Grey Wave pattern, 100% Cotton.

FP044, HKD$410, Mustard Leaves pattern, 100% Cotton.

FP045, HKD$410, Denim Blue with beige Floral pattern, 100% Cotton.

FP046, HKD$410, Black with Green & Beige Leaves pattern, 100% Cotton.

FP047, HKD$410, Black with Beige & Tan Floral pattern, 100% Cotton.

FP048, HKD$410, Black with Dark French Blue Circle Chain pattern, 100% Cotton.

FP049, HKD$410, White with Blue Eggplant pattern, 100% Cotton.

FP050, HKD$410, Multi coloured Floral pattern, 100% Cotton.

FP051, HKD$410,Black mini dots with with White Leaves pattern, 100% Cotton.

FP053, HKD$410, White with Black Floral pattern, 100% Cotton.

FP054, HKD$410, Dark purple with Grey Floral pattern, 100% Cotton.

FP055, HKD$410, Forest Green Paisley pattern, 100% Cotton.