Tailoring of Suit

5 Steps To A Tailor-Made Suit
Every man needs at least one elegant, high quality suit. Whether it's for work or a special occasion, we all need one suit that sets itself apart from the rest.

Many people love Canali, Cerrutti or Zegna, but you can buy a tailor-made suit that really fits, for the same price or less. If you're worried about not being trendy enough, just cut out a magazine picture and let the tailor duplicate the style you're looking for.

Step 1: Find a reputable tailor
Good tailors are usually found in the high-end shopping districts. Friends, family and influential colleagues might also refer you to a trustworthy tailor. Ask around and inquire about references.

Step 2: Choose your fabric
Once you've chosen a highly regarded tailor, the next step is to settle on a suitable fabric. The suit's fabric will make the difference between a US$300 suit and a US$3000 one. That's why many popular designers use fabrics with a grade of 100s or 110s to cut costs and increase markups.

Because you're not paying for the brand name, you can opt for higher quality grades and still pay the same price or cheaper. Anything above a grade of 110s is guaranteed to make a respectable looking and durable suit. As you may have guessed, higher grade equals better quality and an elevated price.

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