Pringle of Scotland Shirt Fabric



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$660HKD per shirt


AE-3402, HKD$660

Brown and Blue Prince of Wales checks,

The brand of "Pringle of Scotland" fabrics,

85% cotton and 15% Merino Wool shirting

AE-3403, HKD$660

AE-3405, HKD$660

AE-3407, HKD$660

AE-3409, HKD$660

AE-3410, HKD$660

AE-3411, HKD$660

AE-3413, HKD$660

AE-3414, HKD$660

AE-3415, HKD$660

AE-3417, HKD$660

AE-3418, HKD$660

AE-3419, HKD$660

AE-3420, HKD$660

AE-3421, HKD$660

AE-3423, HKD$660

AE-3424, HKD$660

AE-3425, HKD$660

AE-3426, HKD$660

AE-3427, HKD$660

AE-3428, HKD$660

AE-3429, HKD$660