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 please feel free to e-mail us, if you have any question. info@jantzentailor.com

1) I found sometimes the cotton shirt is quite difficult to press?

100% cotton dress shirt must be damp before ironing for best results. Spray the entire shirt with a fine water mist until damp (not wet).

2) Is it secured if I order from your web site with credit card number?

If you think that it is not secured entering your credit card number via our order form, you can send us your credit card information by fax.

3) Is there any minimum order requested?

No, we suggest that new customer should order only 1 shirt. If you are satisfied, you can place more orders.

4) I am not sure the measurement taken by myself is perfect size. What can I do?

Actually, you can send us a shirt for duplication. Even your original shirt is not perfectly fit. We can still modify the size and style.


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