Collar Size
If you are unsure of your collar size, ask someone you trust to measure your neck with a tape measure, putting two fingers inside the tape to ensure a degree of comfort.

Collar Style
After you have chosen the fabric, your next step will be selected the collar style. For our completed selection of collar style, please click here.

Cuff and Pocket Style
Our shirts are offered with either single-button, single cuffs or double cuffs to be worn with cufflinks. Also, you can decide which pocket style you want to be in your shirt. To see our cuff and pocket styles, please click here.

Sleeve Length
If you are unsure of your sleeve length, take one of your well fitting shirts and, with the back facing you, measure from the centre of the collar to the shoulder seam, along the sleeve to the end of the cuff. Or even better, put the shirt on and ask someone to measure you while you are wearing it.

Click here to know how to measure